Meditating on the Labyrinth

Learn to Meditate’ is the core activity  of our community.

Every meditation begins with a friendly introduction, which will include simple instructions on how to meditate, as well as some key insights for weaving meditation and mindfulness into our lives. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress, increase presence and focus, deepen self awareness, and cultivate compassion, and it carries with it countless other benefits physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The session is non-denominational, open to all ages and backgrounds, and participants are welcome to practice their own form of meditation if they already have an established practice.

The style of meditation taught is a simple point-focus mindfulness meditation using the breath (or a mantra) as the anchor point for our awareness. After the introduction, the community meditates in silence for 20 minutes, closing the session with a mindful moment to acknowledge the presence of every participant.

Soup Supper at the Chapel 

Every second Thursday, the meditation is followed by a communal soup supper, donated  by a local church or community members. A great time to make new friends, deepen our connections and inspire future events.